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Marine Cutless Bearings

Cutless Bearings:
We stock a large range of both metric and imperial size cutless bearings in brass shell and non metallic (Resin and Phenolic) shell versions.

Sillette Cutless Bearings are High Quality, Marine Grade rubber lined bearings operating with water lubrication on an elasto-hydrodynamic principle. The fluted design of the bearing utilises basis lubrication principles to allow formation of hydrodynamic water wedges at the bearing surfaces by flow of water from the grooves.

Cutless bearings have a wide spectrum of marine applications, which include propeller shaft bearings in sterntubes or struts, rudder bearings and cutter bearings, in a variety of craft.

When used in propeller shaft housing, the cutless bearing provides a structural support with built-in resilience that allows the bearing to yield in sympathy with the bending of the boats structure and thus prevents shaft bearing misalignment or shaft wear.

The bearing also reduces vibration and the volume of noise being transmitted into the boat. It also absorbs shock and has an advantage of being almost maintenance free.

The name cutless is derived from the ability of such bearings to pass abrasive materials such as sand and marine organisms across its surface and into the flushing grooves. These abrasive particles do not embed into the bearing surface and so cause little cutting and wearing of the shaft.

Please note that Phenolic shell cutless bearings are manufactured with a tolerance that allows for both a “crush down” in the housing and a “swell factor” as they absorb water. Therefore prior to fitting and depending on size, there will a certain amount of clearance on the shaft.

We stock a wide range of lengths and diameters in both Brass and Non Metalic versions.

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